Büchenberg Mine

Directly on the B 244, between Wernigerode and Elbingerode, there is the opportunity to relive historic Harz iron ore mining. Only 300 m away from the large car park, passing many mining equipment from days gone by, you reach the station building with exhibition space.

In a professional and entertaining way, the conditions under which the Harz miners extracted the valuable ores until 1970 will be shown in about 75 minutes. A well-maintained stairway, past the mighty support structures of what was once the longest cable car in Europe, leads to the propulsion system of the cable car, which is demonstrated by the visitor guides as well as the other mining equipment that is underground. Passing the ore bunker and the filling stations of the cable car lores, we enter the area of the conveyor shaft.

This shows a unique geological survey in Europe that reveals different types of rock in the smallest of spaces. A sight that appeals not only to the geologically interested visitor. In the mine you can experience further mining technology in full function. Overhead loaders, drill hammers and ore sashrappers impress in size and severity as well as in the noise level, which every visitor can experience here in person. The machines are true to the original from the Büchenberg. Mining extensions in underground areas are necessary for various reasons. In a northerly direction, one goes through a cup extension before returning to the cable car cellar, where you can return to daylight via the comfortable stairs.

Büchenberg Mine
Büchenberg 2
38875 Elbingerode

Tel: +49 39454 42200
Fax: +49 39454 89485


Opening hours:
Open from Monday to Sunday, guided tours are held at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00. The guide time is about 75 minutes. For registered groups, the agreed management times apply. The carrying of dogs is allowed as well as photography or filming.