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German UNESCO Commission
Global Geopark Network
European Geopark Network
National Geopark Network
UNESCO World Heritage Site Messel
Association of German Nature Parks
GeoUnion Alfred Wegener Foundation

UNESCO Geoparks in detail:

European Geoparks in detail:

National Geoparks

GeoPark Bavaria-Bohemia
GeoPark Bergstraße-Odenwald
GeoPark Ice Age Land at the Edge of the Oder
GeoPark Boundary Worlds
GeoPark Inselsberg – Three Equals
GeoPark Kyffhäuser
GeoPark Muskauer Folded Bow
GeoPark Porphyrland. Stone Kingdom in Saxony
GeoPark Ries
GeoPark Ruhr area
GeoPark Swabian Alb
GeoPark TERRA.vita
GeoPark Vulkaneifel
GeoPark Lake Laach
Geopark Westerwald-Lahn-Taunus

More Geoparks

Nordic Stone Kingdom
Vogelsberg Volcano Region

Network Partners

Supporting Association Archaeology Park Kaiserpfalz Werla
Funding Association Schöninger Speere
Fun e.V. Hondelage
Home and Transport Association Asse
Nature and Environmental Aid Goslar e.V.
DGGV – Geotope & Geoparks Section
Academy of Geosciences and Geotechnologies
Alliance for the region
Brunswick Land Tourism Region
Elm-Lappwald Tourist Board
Northern Harz Foreland Tourist Board
Wito Peine
Wis Salzgitter
Urban tourism Braunschweig
Urban tourism Wolfsburg
LEBG Hannover
BGR Hannover
Lower Saxon State Forests
BUND Helmstedt
Nabu Helmstedt

Network Green World of Work
LEB Braunschweig


Brunswick Cultural Heritage Foundation
Brunswick Foundation
Nature Landscape Foundation
Dr. Scheller Foundation
Curt Mast Jägermeister Foundation
Bingo-Lotto Environmental Foundation
German Federal Foundation for the Environment

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