Iberg stalactite cave

North of Bad Grund, directly on the Harzhochstraße B 242, rises the 563 m high Iberg, a former coral reef of the Devon period. In the Iberg there are numerous naturally created caves, some of which have been extended by mining activities in search of iron ore. More than 450 years ago, the Iberg stalactite cave was discovered by miners in search of ore sites. Since 1876, the cave has been accessible to visitors and is today one of the most visited sights in the Harz.

CaveExperienceCenter : Stone-old secrets – modern staged
A fascinating underworld and a great highlight of cave archaeology and DNA research can be discovered in the southwest resin near Bad Grund: they meet the famous dead from the Lichtenstein Cave – the oldest genetically documented extended family in the world – their Bronze Age cave tomb and even their current probable descendants. Underground, immerse yourself in an ancient coral reef from the South Seas and accompany it on its journey north. In the former reef and today’s Iberg lies the Iberg stalactite cave. With its special origins and as the realm of the dwarf king Hübich, it is exciting for all ages. From here also beautiful short and long-distance hiking trails start.

Underground temperatures are about 8°C. If you can’t cope with the 17% incline and about 100 steps, you can “only” take a look around the very exciting museum. There is a break with coffee or soup in the cafeteria, nice souvenirs in the associated museum shop.

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