Salder Quarry

The abandoned quarry is owned by the Natural Landscape Foundation and is maintained and maintained by the BUND Salzgitter. In this quarry located in the north-eastern part of the Lichtenberg ridge, the white plan limestone layers of the Upper Cretaceous period (Turon – Coniac) are open-plan. After more than 90 million years, one still finds traces of living beings that populated this sea at the end of the Middle Ages. Most often there are remains of brachiopods (arm-feet), ammonites (cephalopods), sea urchins, mussels and sponges – perhaps also teeth of sharks or the Mosasaurus. It is an opportunity to collect fossils.

All interested visitors have to bring is sturdy footwear.

Since 2007, the Municipal Museum Schloss Salder has also been the information centre of the Harz Braunschweiger Land/Ostfalen Geopark.

How to get there: From Braunschweig take the A 39 south to exit Salzgitter-Lebenstedt-Süd.