Velpke Nature Adventure Garden

A variety of micro-biotopes has developed on this almost 4 ha large former gravel mining area. One finds here structures that used to exist on unstraightened rivers, the course of which was subject to constant change: steep banks, ungrown sand and gravel areas with scattered puddles, ponds and ponds of different sizes and depths. This is partly where rare plant and animal species live, which depend on open areas exposed to the sun.

In addition to these areas with pioneer species, there are areas that slowly become bushy and merge into forests – with other specific flora and fauna.

This mosaic of habitats with its unique biodiversity of plants and animals in a confined space is wonderfully suited to bring nature to all visitors. Everyone can discover, observe and explore plants and animals for themselves or in the group without damaging their habitat.

The nature adventure garden wants to impart knowledge about nature in an exciting and interesting way and to help us to respect and preserve our environment in the future.

Because “you can’t protect what you don’t understand.”