Rottorf am Klei

Rottorf am Klei is a small town in the district of Helmstedt in Lower Saxony, Lower Saxony. Rottorf am Klei belongs to the municipality of Rennau and the velvet community of Grasleben.

The village lies northwest of Helmstedt in the Elm-Lappwald Nature Park and is the southeasternmost tip of the Hasenwinkel.

At Rottorf am Klei is the former opencast mine “Ernst-August”, in which iron-rich marine sediments were mined as calcareous aggregate ore. The operation ceased in 1950. The rock is generally fossil-rich and contains remains of mussels (e.g. gryphaeides),spines of lance sea urchins as well as ammonites and belemnites.

How to get there: From Königslutter to the north on the Wolfsburger Straße to the Beienrode junction. Across the motorway to the junction and direction s/o on the L 294 to Rottorf. Follow the signs.