Geopath Dorm

This geopath starts at the edge of the dorm north of Groß Steinum. The parking lot at the Geopunkt Bockshornklippe is the starting point for motorists. A bus stop is in Gross Steinum.
The 5.2 km long circular trail has two inclines. It usually runs along well-developed forest paths, but deviates from the paved path during a 300 m long climb. The hiking time is three hours.

How to get there: From Königslutter to the north on the L 290 Wolfsburger Straße, in Beienrode turn right towards Groß Steinum. Follow the signs.

1. Parking
2. Glaubersalzhale Dorm
3. Observation platform
4. Bundsandstein Aufschluss
5. Grand Stone Tomb
6. Grand Stone Tomb