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For more than 10 years we have been organizing guided tours, adventure tours and workshops for the subjects of subject matter biology (forest, water, ecology, evolution), history (stone age) and geography (earth history, ice age). In addition to the forests, waters and quarries of the region, we also have at our disposal the Findlingsgarten, the Geopark Information Centre and the environmental castle in Königslutter as extracurricular learning places.


Nature is not only the best adventure playground, it also offers a wide range of opportunities for intense experiences and body experiences. Full of curiosity and with all their senses, children explore their surroundings and learn in this way playfully and by the way. For kindergartens, age-appropriate variants of our offers “Forest Secrets”, “Water WonderWorld”, “Of Elves and Trolls” as well as “Fire, Earth, Water, Air – The Four Elements of Life” are suitable.

Our motto: Where curiosity is, it goes long!

Our adventure tours are therefore not always the same. They depend on the season and weather, age and composition of the group and, of course, the interests of the participants. The experience is always at the top of the list. Here you can touch and try it out, you can learn by the way!

We are happy to tailor you to a tailor-made offer.

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