Bockshornklippe / Großsteingrab

The village of Groß Steinum rightly bears its name. Powerful quartzite blocks characterize the picturesque townscape. The Fenugreek cliff, a fabled square on the edge of the old village centre, also consists of this rock.

Three large stone tombs from the younger Stone Age around 3500 BC have been developed archaeologically around the village. The quartzite monuments arranged on a line probably marked points in a “sacred landscape” along with natural sacred places such as the fenugreek cliff.

In six stations, this geopoint makes the construction of a large stone tomb comprehensible. The Großsteingrab is not located at its original location. The 17 stones were excavated in 1950 and 1951 200m southwest of the present site by the then state archaeologist Dr. Alfred Tode on a field. They were very much relocated, as they had been buried again and again in modern times when they interfered with ploughing. A safe reconstruction was therefore not possible. During the reconstruction of the burial chamber in 1960, the excavator was largely based on the well-preserved grave of the Lübbenstones near Helmstedt. He reconstructed a chamber with five pairs of carrier stones, 2 gable stones and 4 cover stones.

How to get there: From Königslutter to the north on the L 290 Wolfsburger Straße, in Beienrode turn right towards Groß Steinum. Follow the signs.