Salzgitter Bad (Schloss Salder)

From the Bismarck Tower and the local restaurant, the Geopfad leads 6.5 km through the ridge. From the upper platform of the tower, built in 1900 in honour of the former Reich Chancellor Prince OTTO VON BISMARCK (1815 – 1898), you have a magnificent panoramic view of the Harz foreland to the Harz and the Brocken.

If you follow the geopath signs through the Waldmeister and Orchid Beech Forest, which is characteristic of limestone soils, you will walk through a period of more than 150 million years of earth history. From the limestones of the Lower Muschelkalkzeit on the top of the 272 m high Hamberg, the trail leads to the outer flank of the Salzgitter ridge. The geopath continues to the former Finkenkuhle opencast mine. After the closure of the mining plant in 1958, the intensively used ore open-cast mine with the mine site has become an idyllic lake and an ideal place for amphibians and insects. A total of 7.73 million tonnes of sub-crayon ore were mined in opencast and civil engineering.

About 200 m away from the former open-cast mine, one comes across the Albrechtsquelle, whose water on the one hand supplied the former Albrecht brickworks, which processed the upcoming dark Unterjura (Lias) Tone, and on the other hand was also distributed as healing water until the 1930s. The healing and mineral water springs from Salzgitter-Bad as well as the water of the Irenen spring and the Plünneckenbrunnen, which were built in the 19th century. when Imperial Harzer Sauerbrunnen was sold, were known throughout Germany.

How to get there: From Braunschweig to the south on the A 395 to exit Autohof Oderwald. Turn right onto the L 512 west of Salzgitter Bad (B 248, Braunschweiger Str.). In Salzgitter Bad follow the signs.