Hundisburg Landscape Park

Not far from the district town of Haldensleben lies the schloss Hundisburg on a greywackesspur. The family of Alvensleben built an original castle vest in the 16th century. to a Renaissance castle. After the destruction in the Thirty Years’ War, the castle and garden were built and expanded in 1693 in the baroque style of the time.

A fire destroyed the plant in November 1945. In 1994, the castle, baroque garden and landscape park became the property of the city of Haldensleben and the reconstruction of the monument began. The 100-hectare park, which is designed in the style of an English landscape park, will also be included. Hundisburg Castle belongs to the system of “Garden Dreams Saxony-Anhalt”; a natural history educational trail leads through the park. In the northern part of the castle is housed the “House of the Forest” – the central information and experience centre on the theme “forest” in Saxony-Anhalt.

With a forest experience exhibition and numerous offers for all ages, it is an opportunity to learn new and interesting facts about the natural area “forest” all year round.