Baumann's Cave

The Baumannshöhle is one of the oldest show caves in the world, where guided tours organized since 1646 have been taking place. Its name was given to the miner Friedrich Baumann, who, as an old legend describes, discovered the cave by chance in search of iron ore. The largest cavity of the Baumannshöhle is the Goethesaal.

Hermann’s Cave

The Hermannshöhle was discovered in 1866 during road works. The cave was named after your explorer Hermann Grotrian. Already on 01.05. In 1890, the cave was the first in Germany to be equipped with electrical lighting. Magnificent dripstones and imposing sintered formations characterize this cave. The Hermannshöhle is the only place in Germany where you can see grottoes. The animals were used in the 1930s.

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The guided tours last about 50 minutes per cave and take place about half an hour or hourly, depending on the need. Please inquire at the checkout of the respective cave after the beginning of the next guided tour. You should schedule a waiting time.