Scholmzeche Visitor Mine

Like so many Harz eras, Bad Lauterberg has a long mining tradition. A relic of this long-gone time is the scholmzeche/sincerity visitor tunnel, which has been transformed into a museum mine. This tunnel from the beginning of the 18th century represents a montanhistoric attraction. It is an ironstone search tunnel, i.e. a horizontally driven test tunnel for the detection of iron ore. The special thing about this tunnel is the fact that it was driven by pure manual work, i.e. with “beatand and iron” up to 4 meters high and 1.5 meters wide.

In 1989, this old tunnel was built as a museum mine and opened to visitors and today provides an insight into the local mining history. During the clearing of the old tunnel, which was again used for air protection purposes during the Second World War, a mining rarity was discovered. A wooden “Gerenne”, i.e. a wooden construction that was floor, work patty and water guide in one. Also from another tunnel a wooden conveyor frame was installed near the mouth hole (stollen entrance), which is located in the immediate vicinity of the spa park on the east bank of the Oder.

The tour is about 250 meters long and starts at the Wilhelmi Bridge. Various mining workplaces are arranged in the tunnel and several types of line extensions give an insight into the mining work at the beginning of the 19th century. In addition, the most diverse local ores and rocks as well as numerous historical working utensils are presented in a vivid way. For geologically interested visitors there are numerous corridor sills to see. Finally, there is a water-powered functional model of an artificial bike with push rod and swinging art on a scale of 1:6 to be admired.

Bad Lauterberg in the Harz
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