Hornburg - Small Fallstein

Several hiking trails between Hornburg and Osterwieck open up a mosaic of biotopes, from species-rich forests to semi-dry grass, on which the Adonis frogs bloom in spring. The quarry near Hoppenstedt with its mighty reddish and white sloping limestone layers is a natural monument and particularly valuable geotope.

A tour of the listed old town of Hornburg leads to numerous interesting buildings and streets from 5 centuries. More than 30 objects of the “Garden of the Senses” are included in this city tour.

Geological points of experience are the gravel pit on the Klapperberg near Isingerode (with shore-swallow colonies), a peat bite in the Great Break as well as a spring pond, a former travertine quarry and several earthfalls at Steinmühle.

How to get there: From Braunschweig from the south on the A 395 to the Exit Schladen-Nord. By Schladen on the B 82 to Hornburg. Follow the signs.