What is a Geopark?

As a model region for sustainable development, our employees work on viable future options for the region and address global societal challenges such as the finiteness of natural resources and climate change.
Since 2019, together with the State Natural History Braunschweig and the Municipal Museum Schloss Salder, we have been a recognised extracurricular learning place in an education for sustainable development.

In our actions, we convey current topics in connection with the history of the earth. Our programs such as “Forest Secrets”, “Water WonderWorld” and “Many Seas Than You Think” focus on geology, forestry, life in and over water, and climate change. The “Students make the future – learning sustainability” aims to convey sustainability and empowerment with the aim of easing students to play a lasting part in shaping the future.

Our program for school classes can be found here:

Offers for kindergartens and schools