For children, even a small spot of nature can become an adventure playground. When they explore their surroundings, they learn playfully and with all their senses. The variety of intense experiences and body experiences promotes motor skills, mental development and self-confidence.

– How do I lead a trip into nature myself?
– What do I have to consider for time in the forest or at the creek to be a success?

Our training courses provide a practical introduction to nature experience pedagogy. We will show you that
– how to use nature as a playground and extracurricular learning place
– how to use the natural instinct to play with simple games and perceptual exercises and support and steer the spirit of research
– how to strengthen the class community with experience-pedagogical elements.

Target group: teachers, educators
Duration and costs: by appointment


> One-day training “Experience nature with all senses” 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
40,- € per person (minimum 8 people)

> “Nature Guide” training: 80 Ustd. Certification by rural adult education Braunschweig (LEB)
780,- € per person