Annual meeting

of the Geopark-Carrier Association Braunschweiger Land – Ostfalen: Understand Geopark as a model region for sustainable development Teaching, 29.01.2019 The Geopark-Carrier Association had invited its members to the annual general meeting in the town hall of Lehr. In addition to the velvet community of Sickte, the velvet community of Baddeckenstedt […]

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Geopark Advisory Board reappointed

Königslutter am Elm, 10.12.18The constituent meeting took place in the town hall of Königslutter in the new Geopark Advisory Board period. The chairman of the Geopark-carrier association Hans Werner Schlichting handed over their certificates to the members of the advisory board and emphasized the importance of the advisory board for […]

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Apple Day in the Environmental Castle

The working group Streuobst organized its apple day in the Environmental Castle on 23 September 2018. There was an extensive variety exhibition with advice and information about the apple. Variety determination, table fruit sale with tasting of old apple varieties and freshly squeezed apple juice “with muscle power” rounded off […]

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Apple autumn enters the 2nd round with over 20 events

The Apfelconnection Braunschweiger Land consists of actors, all of whom deal with the cultural heritage of Apfel. Everyone has their own goals. Some earn their money from cultivation, processing and marketing, while others focus on variety and nature conservation. In the Apfelconnection Braunschweiger Land, they are all united under the […]

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