Contribution Rules

of the Geopark-Carrier Association Braunschweiger Land – Ostfalen e. V. (hereinafter referred to as the association)

Section 1 Principle

This Rules of Contributions are set out in accordance with Section 6, para. 1 of the Articles of Association and not itself part of the Articles of Association. It regulates the contribution obligations of the members.

Section 2 Decisions

1. The General Assembly shall decide on the amount of the contributions of classes 02 – 04, as stipulated in Section 3. The current contribution level of the ordinary members results from the assumption of the legal obligations, which were regulated in the Geopark contract with the open-air and adventure museum Ostfalen e.V. and decided by the organs of the municipal contracting parties.
2. The amounts fixed shall be collected on 5 January of the following year in which the decision was taken. By resolution of the general meeting, another date can also be set.

Class Contribution- Membership form Annual contribution amount

01 Ordinary
Helmstedt county €50,000
Wolfenbüttel county €60,000
City of Wolfsburg 30,000 €
City of Braunschweig 10,000 €
Peine County €5,000
Open-air and adventure museum Ostfalen e.V. free
City of Königslutter free
further counties and county-free cities are being negotiated
Municipalities and cities /= 1,000 €

02 Supporting
Companies, associations, associations, municipalities /= 200 €
Private individuals 30 €
Couples and families 40 €
reduced* 20 €
*Apprentices, students (18 to 27 years), retirees

03 Cooperative members free
04 Honorary Members Free