19. December 2019

Minister Tonne awards three Geopark sites as an extracurricular learning location

The Lower Saxony Ministry of Culture drew three facilities in the Geopark Harz . Brunswick Land . Ostfalen as an extracurricular learning place according to GNI (Education for Sustainable Development). Together with the Municipal Museum Schloss Salder and the operators of the Geopoint Jurameer Schandelah (Dr. Scheller Foundation and State Natural History Museum Braunschweig), the Geopark-Carrier Association Braunschweiger Land – Ostfalen submitted an application for recognition in the Ministry of Culture. In Königslutter, the Geopark office has now been awarded the learning locations Infozentrum, Findlingsgarten and Hainholz Adventure Quarry.
Culture Minister Grant Hendrik Tonne presented the actors with the certificate of recognition in a ceremony on 14.11.2019 at the Geopark Information Centre. The three recognised learning locations presented themselves with examples from their pedagogical offer.

The recognised extracurricular learning locations are supported by the Ministry of Culture and the State School Authority, among others, through regular events for further training and the exchange of experience. The main tasks of recognised extracurricular learning places are the preparation and implementation of regional school and teaching-related educational programmes, the counselling and further training of teachers and the compilation and lending of teaching, teaching and self-learning materials.

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19. December 2019

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